1. tuesday tunes.

    Tuesday, August 2

    my friends are probably all concerned about me because i keep tweeting zombie-related stuff. like "sometimes i like to do zombie makeup on myself at one in the morning" or "i just got a craving to watch corpse bride." they were about ready to turn me in to the school counselor when i got into a zombie phase last fall and drew half-decayed people all the time. it seemed that the virus had become dormant...until now. {cue creepy "thriller" laughter}

    so here's one of my favorite songs from my latest playlist, inspired by monster high and zombies and my crazy thirst for brains desire for halloween to come. like, now.  

    heads will roll ~ yeah yeah yeahs

    xoxo julia

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    1. Kenzie said...

      can we just be best friends?!? i love putting on zombie makeup and i love zombies!!!! lets just be the bestest friends ever!!! :P love ya!!!

    2. julia larsen said...

      yes yes yes!! :) love you too, kenz!

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