1. doodle wednesday.

    Wednesday, February 29

    the beginning of a chick flick romance: boy meets girl on a park bench in the city where dreams are made of. he reads the times, she reads poetry. they exchange a glance. he notices her hazel eyes. she notices him noticing her and asks if he's ever read e.e. cummings. she smiles. her eyes seem to promise him a world beyond black and white, the joy found by reading between the lines. he smiles.

    xoxo julia

  2. f is for funfetti.

    Sunday, February 26

    i recently discovered the joy that is cake mix cookies. not only are they super delicious and super fast, they are super easy. which is perfect for a less than mediocre baker like me.

    easy peasy recipe:

    1 box of cake mix of your choice. i've used red velvet and funfetti, but any flavor will do.
    1/3 cup of vegetable oil.
    2 eggs.

    mix it all together. duh.
    bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.


    i like to turn mine into whoopie pies. these ones are with rainbow chip frosting. from a can. can't be beat.


    recipe courtesy of kenzie. :)

    xoxo julia

  3. doodle...uh...thursday?

    Thursday, February 23

    harry + ginny = <3.

    here's my take on harry and ginny. i'm pretty sure harry has a different face every time i draw him. :P so does ginny. so does everyone! except maybe lucius malfoy. he seems to remain uniformly haughty and handsome disdainful.

    xoxo julia

    {ps, do any of you artists have tips for transferring drawings to the computer? i'm not sure if my method of taking photographs of everything is the best way to go about it.

  4. sunday snapshot.

    Sunday, February 19

    there are few words more promising and beautiful than "once upon a time..."

    xoxo julia

  5. pretty in...

    Thursday, February 16

    {everything's from forever21. surprised?}

    the...uh...bottom half of my valentine's day outfit. for me, valentine's is basically an excuse to wear an excessive amount of pink. well, a more excessive amount that normal.

    xoxo julia

  6. how sweet it is.

    Wednesday, February 15

    valentine's day dinner = heart-shaped pancakes. {oh-so romantic.} i then spent the evening with my darling friend rachel. we went to see richard III at our school and reveled in the beauty that is shakespeare and drama boys. it was delicious.

    xoxo julia

  7. sick day.

    Sunday, February 12

    i've spent the day with an abundance of tissues and doctor who episodes. and also pinterest. oh yes, my best friend pinterest. the source of all things inspirational. including a multitude of recipes for valentine's cupcakes. {hint hint.}

    but even when i can't breathe through my nose and i sound like a man when i talk, a good dose of fandom and herbal tea always makes me feel like this:


    time to snuggle up and read a book.

    xoxo julia


  8. beethoven's secrets.

    Thursday, February 9

    above is my {one second} claim to fame. 

    {see minute 2:49.}

    i play with the lyceum philharmonic orchestra, which has given me so many opportunities to play with fabulous brilliant artists {peter brienholt, alex boye, and david archuleta to name a few} and now we have the chance to appear in a music video with the fabulous steven sharp nelson! 

    we got to record our audio at a professional recording studio, which, despite playing the same song for about five hours straight, was one of the most fun things i've ever gotten to do. then of course we filmed our gorgeous faces, which took another seventeen i don't know how many hours. but it was so worth it.

    not to mention that we spent all those hours with steven, who is probably one of the funniest people on this planet. example: 
    {{my director: it's open string, you idiots!
    {{steven: first off, "cello" and "idiot" are antonyms.

    ...yeah, i can't do him justice.

    but anyway.

    my mom and i just watched this video for forty five minutes. which means you are capable of watching it {at least} once. :)

    xoxo julia

  9. doodle wednesday.

    Wednesday, February 8

    i apologize in advance.

    my current harry potter obsession may lead to continued posts about harry potter and drawings of harry potter, etc etc etc.

    and by "i apologize" i mean "you're welcome.

    xoxo julia

    ps, yes, i realize harry's arms look like teeny twigs. depth is not my strong suit. obviously.

  10. denim and dots.

    Tuesday, February 7

    {dress: target. blouse, tights, & necklace: forever21.} 

    today in english we got off on a tangent while comparing/contrasting poems and ended up discussing harry potter for the bulk of class. let's just say, it was the greatest class period ever. after our discussion though, our teacher warned us that we would have to be freakin' geniuses to write a successful harry potter essay on the ap test. so, naturally, i went through my packet of ap prompts and outlined harry potter responses for half of them. then i wrote an essay contrasting molly weasley and bellatrix lestrange. for fun.

    nerd status: surpassed.

    xoxo julia


  11. yes, i still exist.

    Monday, February 6





    and hello, again.

    yes, i know i've been gone for a while. hopefully you haven't all given up on me because a) i'm still alive and b) i'm still pretty awesome. um, i mean...

    anyway. if you care to hear, since i've been gone i have:

    {{read harry potter 4, 5, 6, and 7, as well as a couple mindless chick flick books, miss peregrine's home for peculiar children, a doll's house, and jane eyre. and i've restarted harry potter and the sorcerer's stone. i think i am indeed becoming a bookworm.
    {{decided that owls are definitely my favorite animal. this may or may not have something to do with my harry potter obsession.
    {{performed carmina burana in a select orchestra with a massive choir and fabulous director. and subsequently had "ooooohhhhh fortuna!" stuck in my head for days.
    {{filmed a music video with stephen sharp nelson of the piano guys. and subsequently had our song (a mashup of beethoven's 5th symphony and onerepublic's "secrets") stuck in my head for days. i'll let you know when yours truly appears on the youtube.
    {{fallen back in love with making music. and also fred weasley.

    exciting, yes?

    hopefully i'll start posting more. i've been quite busy, if you couldn't tell, and spent my sparse spare time reading or fueling my addiction to pinterest.


    i'm back. don't forget about me. :)

    xoxo julia