1. happy halloween!

    Monday, October 31

    oh hi. it's draculaura here. you know, the monster high doll?

    yep. i went there.

    and i had a ton of fun with it too.

    xoxo julia

  2. my house is spooky.

    Friday, October 28

    halloween is in two days!! can you believe it?

    how are the costumes coming? mine has undergone a change in plans and now involves a really awesome wig. which will be revealed on the day itself. :F (<<that's a vampire emoticon. how clever.)

    xoxo julia


  3. a whovian LOL.

    Wednesday, October 26

    xoxo julia

  4. {top: forever21. skirt: kohl's. socks: forever21.}

    new sweatshirt! it's super comfy. and coral. it makes me happy.

    as do these socks! i recently bought four pairs of awesome nerd socks so i can feel like an indie kid. even though i know i'll look back at my pictures in 20 years and think...

    {shoes: pacsun.}

    ...man, i was so indie.

    xoxo julia

  5. sunday snapshot.

    Sunday, October 23

    xoxo julia

  6. i dream of dresses.

    Saturday, October 22

    ...no, really. sometimes it happens.

    here are some that made me drool recently.

    xoxo julia

  7. sunday snapshot.

    Sunday, October 16

    ...or rather, a video. but it's hilarious. watch it.

    xoxo julia

  8. fashion.

    Wednesday, October 12


    my buds and i made this little video a few weeks ago. it's pretty hilarious, if i do say so myself.

    behold the hair flipping.

    we're all considering careers in the film industry now.

    or the modeling industry.

    either one.

    xoxo julia

  9. sunday snapshot.

    Sunday, October 9

    oh rain, how i adore you.

    xoxo julia

  10. friday's top five.

    Friday, October 7

    here's my top five snapshots from this week, documenting utah's insanely bipolar weather. 

    i'm pretty sure it was summer like three days ago. now it's snowing and raining and raining some more. not that i'm complaining. i'm the weird kid who spends more time outside when it's cold than when it's warm. i take pictures and stuff in the rain and sit at the park in the snow. there's just something about stuffing your hands in your pockets and feeling raindrops on your face that i just love.

    xoxo julia.

  11. doodle wednesday.

    Wednesday, October 5

    here are some taylor swift-inspired dresses i doodled after the concert. i must say that i am completely re-obsessed with taylor and pretty dresses. not that i was ever un-obsessed.

    xoxo julia

  12. sunday snapshot.

    Sunday, October 2

    that is all.

    xoxo julia

  13. oh hello, october!

    Saturday, October 1

    as it's officially october, i can officially start preparing for halloween! aka best. holiday. ever.

    now, the ever-present question....

    what should i be??

    i decided this summer that i should be lady gaga. how fun would that costume be to put together? plus i could look absolutely ridiculous and over-the-top and it would make complete sense.


    but then my mommy and i had this conversation:

    me: i think i want to be cinderella for halloween instead of lady gaga.

    mom: hahaha!

    me: what?

    mom: when have i heard that before...right. every year of your life.

    and it's true. i always say i want to be something scary/not a princess. and then the actual date approaches and all thoughts of zombies and witches are replaced by a realization that i could wear a princess dress and people wouldn't give me funny looks. which automatically beats having fake blood dripping from my mouth.

    now, the more important question...

    where the heck am i going to get a cinderella dress in a big girl size??

    xoxo julia