1. a cheesy experiment.

    Saturday, August 20

    i decided to do a little experimenting with my favorite sandwich.

    {is it weird that i'm totally obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches? i told my friend about my random idea to open a grilled cheese cafe with a build-your-own sandwich bar and hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies and he said it was the worst idea he's ever heard. ouch.}

    back to the sandwich.
    or, sandwiches. five little teeny ones! so cute!

    i basically pulled out every cheese that was in our fridge and every kind of bread we had and started combining them. my favorite was muenster on white with a tomato and spinach and a layer of feta. YUM. closely followed by another muenster on wheat with ham and laughing cow spread. also yum.

    it was a delicious success.

    xoxo julia

  2. 5 comments:

    1. hyunhochang said...

      So. . . I can have one of these, right?

    2. Payden said...

      That wasn't me that told you it was the worst idea ever was it?

    3. julia larsen said...

      justin: if you come over to my house! we can make grilled cheese petit fours!
      payden: nope. you're nice to me.

    4. LoriAlbrecht said...

      Juj!! Uh, when can we come to your cafe? I think the muenster on white with tomato, spinach, and feta sounds amazing! Don't give up on your dream.

    5. alissa b said...

      i'm a newbie to your blog but giiiiiirl, that looks delicious. i need that in my stomach pronto!

      alissa b

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