1. friday's top five.

    Friday, September 30

    here's my top five pinterest discoveries for you! behold the prettiness.

    xoxo julia

  2. taylor swift.

    Thursday, September 29

    see this gorgeous girl? well. i saw her in concert last night {be jealous.} and i've officially decided that she is a real live princess. she is gorgeous, classy, and so talented! it was by far the best concert i've been to {not that i've been to many...hilary duff and jonas brothers are the extent of my concert-going experience} what with the brilliant staging and taylor's many gorgeous--and, of course, sparkly--dresses. plus! she does her makeup like i do! {or maybe i do mine like hers. chicken or the egg, right?} and the whole night i was thinking omgtaylorwecouldtotesbebestfriends.

    and, in classic julia style, i didn't bring my camera. {facepalm} so here are some ubercrummy phone pictures of the best concert eva.

    they definitely don't do justice to the brilliance that is tswizzle.

    xoxo julia

  3. homecoming!

    Monday, September 26

    pictures, as promised. :)

    check out the sweet line on my leg. that's my running muscle line. be jealous.

    isn't my date a cutie? he always got my door and pulled out my chair. :)

    plus he's hilarious. as demonstrated by the above picture.

    and, as we discovered in the midst of our photo session, he's a pro picture stager. he told everyone how to sit and where to stand and was very proud of himself.

    aaand there's the band-aid on my knee. classy.

    xoxo julia

  4. sunday snapshot.

    Sunday, September 25

    here's a blurry iphone picture of me waiting for my date to pick me up because my dad took the camera with him on a camp out. but hey, i'm still pretty cute, right?

    more pictures to come later. :)

    xoxo julia

  5. happy birthday to me!

    Saturday, September 24

    {from deviantart}

    today's the big day! yours truly has been living and breathing for seventeen years. it feels weird to say seventeen. that seems so much older than sixteen, for some reason.

    oh! and i have a story for you!

    see this?

    yeah. that's my knee. want to know how it got like that?

    {i'm going to tell you anyway.}

    in seminary yesterday we were playing one of those run-to-the-board-as-fast-as-humanly-possible-as-soon-as-you-know-the-answer which we all know usually turns into  one of those trample-everyone-in-your-path-to-get-five-measly-points-because-everyone-is-so-darn-competitive games. near the end of class, everybody had gotten into the mode of the latter description, so i knew i was risking life and limb to win, but i dashed from my desk anyway. the girl sitting behind me ran at the exact same time i did, and we crashed simultaneously into the teacher's cart, the wall, and each other. somewhere in the fray my knee got banged up on something {or someone. i have no idea.}. i was too busy frantically holding my skirt down so i didn't flash anybody to protect my knee, and this is what happened.

    the girl who i collided with ran again the round after i got my battle wound, and she clonked heads with  someone else running at top speed. so now she's got a goose egg on her head and i have a gaping hole in my knee. just in time for homecoming. hurrah. 

    i'm sure you desperately wanted to see those pictures. yum.

    xoxo julia

  6. friday's top five.

    Friday, September 23

    to tell the truth, this week has been crazy busy. so today's top five is gonna be brief due to lack of exciting content in my life.

    1. the alto flute.
    {{it's about as long as my leg and as thick as two of my fingers. and it's so low. and pretty.

    2. byu.
    {{despite their rather sad loss to utah {and if non-football-watching me knows it's sad, it must be sad} i am a loud and proud byu fan. rachie and i visited campus yesterday to visit one of our college friends and decided that we really really want to go there. like, asap.

    3. beethoven's symphony no. 9.
    {{i have the privilege to play this piece with the best youth orchestra in the state. it's positively magical.

    4. september 24th.
    {{having homecoming and my birthday on the same day...aka tomorrow!! my sweet sixteen is drawing to a close. i feel so old. 

    5. hm. that's all. i love you.

    xoxo julia

  7. she will prick her finger...

    Wednesday, September 21

    some sweet sixteen, eh? ;)

    i've been drawing princesses nonstop lately. maybe i'm reverting to my childhood state of happiness. or something.

    xoxo julia

  8. lone peak pride.

    Tuesday, September 20

    this post needs a little bit of introduction.

    every year, my school does a little motivational motto that's the theme for the year. last year's was "this is it." this year's is "stand out, stand strong, stand together." which is fine in and of itself. but...

    they insist on putting just the "out, strong, together" on things. like those livestrong bracelets. and the walls. and stuff.

    it makes me laugh a little bit.

    this is a poster in my school hallway.

    the rainbows. the slogan. think about it.


    xoxo julia

  9. sunday snapshot.

    Sunday, September 18

    make a wish! <3

    xoxo julia

  10. A-Z of me.

    Thursday, September 15

    i found this cute survey on the oh so lovely vintage blog and decided to take a spin at it.

    A~ age: 16. but only for nine more days!
    B~ bed size: twin.
    C~ chores that you hate: cleaning my room. what's the point? it'll only get messy again!
    D~ dogs: one spoiled shi tzu named coco.
    E~ essential start to your day: my morning run.
    F~ favorite color: pink and turquoise. though lately i'm loving chartreuse too.
    G~ gold or silver: in summer, gold. but in winter i like silver.
    H~ height: 5'3" and not getting any taller.
    I~ instruments you play: i've played the flute for six years and plan to continue on to college.
    J~ job title: student. ;)
    K~ kids: none yet! but don't think i don't have names picked out already.
    L~ live: cedar hills, utah. aka the bubble.
    M~ mother's maiden name: albrecht.
    N~ nicknames: juj, jules, michael jackson...
    O~ overnight hospital stays: none. i'm a safe/healthy/sane kid.
    P~ pet peeves: when people crack their knuckles. nastiest. sound. ever.
    Q~ quote from movie or tv: "i said to myself, take a chance. hire the smart, fat girl." ~miranda priestley, the devil wears prada.
    R~ righty or lefty: lefty, baby.
    S~ siblings: one little brother. who, at his middle school maturity level, i'm not sure counts as a brother or a pet.
    T~ time you wake up: 5:25 on weekdays. call me crazy.
    U~ underwear: yes, i wear it. be amazed.
    V~ vegetable you hate: cauliflower. it smells like diapers.
    W~ what makes you run late: the amount of time i spend curling my stick-straight hair.
    X~ x-rays: um, teeth?
    Y~ yummy food you make: i can make two things: grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes. both of which i've blogged about, and both of which i think are delicious.
    Z~ zoo animal: giraffes! elephants! hippos! don't make me choose!

    xoxo julia


  11. doodle wednesday.

    Wednesday, September 14

    princesses in pants. because i couldn't draw their skirts.


    xoxo julia

  12. it's official! i can drive!

    Tuesday, September 13

    you heard right, i am officially a licensed driver. pedestrians, beware.

    now if only i had a car...

    xoxo julia

  13. a reminder that life is beautiful.

    Monday, September 12

    some snapshots from my daily dog walk around the neighborhood. i'm so lucky to live in such a wonderful place.

    xoxo julia

  14. sunday snapshot.

    Sunday, September 11

    september eleventh's footprints.

    xoxo julia

  15. friday's top five.

    Friday, September 9

    1. the office.

    {{this show is my latest guilty pleasure. i know i said i was going to watch less tv, but that was before i discovered the hilarity of dunder mifflin. {i'm actually doing pretty well. considering.} also i'm obsessed with jim & pam. i know they end up married with a baby, but i still squeal whenever something remotely romantic happens.

    2. playing with the orchestra.

    {{a few friends and i have the fantastic opportunity to make a trip from band land and play with the orchestra once a week. and i can't even express how wonderful it is. their director is absolutely fantastic and so chill. and did i mention that we're playing a michael jackson medley?

    3. the help.

    {{i finished the book while i was home sick on tuesday, and now i am dying to see the movie. the book was amazing! each character had such a great voice. and the story ranged from laugh out loud to positively touching. fantastic.

    4. wearing cardigans and not dying of heat.

    {dress & scarf: american eagle. cardigan: brass plum. belt: wet seal.}
    {{need i say more?

    5. great discussions about great books and great poems from a great teacher.

    {{here's another nerdy revelation from yours truly: i LOVE english class. my teacher is one of the best i've ever had. she has a way of creating such an engaging discussion and keeping your attention the entire class. she also uses fantastic words like "fruitful" and "caveat" in normal conversation. i can't get enough of it.

    xoxo julia

  16. first signs of fall.

    Thursday, September 8

    the trees in my neighborhood are sprouting helicopters! {i have no clue what they're actually called. i just know they spin when you drop them and are way too entertaining.}

    the mornings are colder, i swapped my running shorts for sweatpants, and my daily dog walk isn't excruciatingly hot. i'll be busting out my red ruffled coat before we know it!

    xoxo julia

  17. ok, so...

    Tuesday, September 6

    remember when i told you i was going shopping yesterday? yeah, that was before i got a fever and an upset stomach. it was the first time i've gotten actually sick in ages and, being the type of girl who suffers through painful high heels because they're cute, i thought i could fight my way through the illness as long as forever 21 was waiting for me. but when i couldn't stand up to blowdry my hair anymore, i took that as a sign that all was not well.

    so now i'm staying home from school with my good friends princess movies and ice cream ACT study book and flute practicing.


    xoxo julia

  18. happy labor day!

    Monday, September 5

    hello, there! happy labor day! and happy day off of school. goodness knows i need it, even though it's only been, what, two weeks? heh.

    i'm going homecoming dress shopping with the girls today, and hopefully visiting one of our college friends! wish me luck!

    xoxo julia

  19. sunday snapshot.

    Sunday, September 4

    i <3 audrey hepburn. and i absolutely adore these pictures of her. it shows off her silly side. after all, doesn't everybody have one? :)

    xoxo julia

  20. obsessive compulsive crazy love.

    Saturday, September 3

    favorite song. ever. this is my new creeper theme song.

    xoxo julia

  21. sometimes i like to listen to country music and window shop online while making involuntary sounds of joy and longing. this is one of those times.

    but i actually have a purpose this time! yours truly has a mighty fine date to homecoming {which is not only exciting, but it's on my birthday. double awesome.} and needs to find a dress! not that i'll actually end up with any of these. but a girl can dream, right?

    so here's my homecoming inspo top five. :)

    {red-y to dance dress, modcloth.}

    {charming choices dress, modcloth.}

    {pow! poof! strapless dress, betsey johnson.}

    {sweetie pie dress, diane von furstenburg.}

    {lace teacup dress, rent the runway.}

    xoxo julia


  22. chartreuse and pink.

    Thursday, September 1

    {jacket and skirt: forever 21. scarf: rue 21.}

    in the words of one of my girlfriends this morning: "woah. you're not wearing all neutrals."

    xoxo julia