1. Nerd Post

    Wednesday, June 6

    Above is the greatest graduation present ever.

    {Well, besides my car of course. Who, as you all have suggested, I have christened Luna. :) }

    I pretty much freaked out when I ripped off the paper from the unassumingly rectangular present my aunt and uncle gave me and THIS WAS INSIDE.

    It was like Christmas when I was eight years old.

    Almost as good as the time my brother and I got Lego Hogwarts.


    Nerd for life.

    Thanks, nerdy family. I love you guys.

    xoxo Julia


  2. I ran my first 5K.

    Crazy, right?

    I finished in 34 minutes and 13 seconds, and placed fourth in my age group.

    {Though I have a feeling there were only four people in my age group.}


    I've made it a goal to start running more this summer, and to actually get good at it. Hopefully I'll be running more 5K's in the future and shaving a couple minutes off my time.

    xoxo Julia

  3. This is my baby. My first car! 
    I was under the well-enforced impression that, once the need arose, my mother would buy herself a new car and I would inherit her old one. Which isn't that old and I actually am quite fond of. It was supposedly at the dealership for "detailing" and we would go pick it up after I graduated.

    Imagine my surprise when I was handed a key and told that this baby was mine.


    There were more tears. Even the salesman got weepy.

    I can't thank my wonderful parents enough.

    Unfortunately, he (she? I'm still not sure) is still in need of a name. Everything I've tried hasn't quite fit. I would love to christen it after one of the heroes from the wonderful world of Harry Potter, but I can't decide. Who could ever decide such a thing?!

    But I've narrowed it down:


    Two boy names, two girl names. 


    xoxo Julia


  4. I Did It

    Wednesday, May 30

    It's official.

    As of May 29, 2012 I, Julia Larsen, am a high school graduate.

    Quite frankly, I don't feel much different. Unless you count the fact that I'm exhausted from crying approximately fifteen separate times yesterday.

    But it's done. It's over.

    I returned to my school this morning as a graduate, not a student. I walked out of the band room for the last time in a long time, said goodbye to my favorite teacher, and bade a fond farewell to the halls I've grown to love over the past three years.

    This is it.

    Now, where do I go from here?

    xoxo Julia


  5. Last Day

    Friday, May 25

    Today was my last real day of high school.

    It's so weird to think that my school won't be my school anymore in just a few short days. I've spent so much time there over the past three years and I must admit that parting with it will be pretty darn hard.

    I wore the same outfit today that I wore on the first day of my senior year. (Minus the belt.) Call me sentimental. Or call me too lazy to come up with new outfits these days.

    First Day:

    Last Day:

    I don't think my hair looks so much like Farrah Fawcett's anymore. Which is a good thing?

    xoxo Julia


  6. Freakin' Out

    Thursday, May 24

    These past couple of days have been insane.  Insane, meaning:

    ~ I picked up my cap and gown yesterday. I can't bring myself to take them out of the packaging yet.

    ~ We got yearbooks, too. They're gold shiny and fantastic. And it's my last yearbook at Lone Peak.

    ~ I played my senior flute recital yesterday. It was the culmination of everything I've learned from my wonderful teacher, who I have to say goodbye to. It's one of the hardest things yet.

    ~ Tomorrow is my last day of high school. Ever.

    Let's just hope I make it through tomorrow.

    xoxo Julia

  7. The Last Double Bar Line.

    Monday, May 21

    Tonight I played my last ever high school band concert.

    There were some mixed feelings. Sadness that it's over, happiness that I got to play with my best friends one last time. But mostly this huge pain in my leg from when I fell off a music stand. (They may look fun to sit on. They are not. Don't try it.)

    My director recognized all of us seniors and gave awards to some of the best. I was lucky enough to receive the John Philip Sousa award, along with my best friend Rachel! What an honor! I was complaining a couple weeks ago about how band kids never get trophies, and now I finally have one. AND it has a man with a mustache on it. Does it get better than that? I don't think so.

    xoxo Julia