1. 1. my fantastic english teacher.
    who hates twilight, tolerates pride and prejudice, burns notes that she catches being passed, and keeps my attention all class. which is saying something, since there are some guys in that class who are, let's say, easy on the eyes.

    2. beginning stats vs. ap stats.
    beginning stats: {hold it together, julia, you can tolerate being surrounded by stupidity for 37 more minutes, at least it's not calculus... did that kid just huck a loogie in that other kid's seat?!}
    ap stats: {woah. these people are...discussing the assignment? this subject is actually...interesting? my teacher is...wearing a belt buckle shaped like a nintendo 64 controller? woah.}

    3. harry potter-themed assembly.
    in all its cheesy glory, the welcome assembly had me being all twitterpated and shrieking potter fangirl. it doesn't help that it included a fantastic final duel in which voldemort ditches his wand for a lightsaber.

    4. early morning temple trips.
    followed by french toast with rachie. :) need i say more?

    5. making weird faces in band with my best friends.
    we entertain ourselves to keep us from exploding. don't ask.

    xoxo julia

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    1. Lauren said...

      i love these tidbits about your day! especially the harry potter assembly. if only my highschool had been that cool!
      Nicole was your efy counselor? Crazy! I bet she was so much fun! She definitely loved every minute of that job =)

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