1. Nerd Post

    Wednesday, June 6

    Above is the greatest graduation present ever.

    {Well, besides my car of course. Who, as you all have suggested, I have christened Luna. :) }

    I pretty much freaked out when I ripped off the paper from the unassumingly rectangular present my aunt and uncle gave me and THIS WAS INSIDE.

    It was like Christmas when I was eight years old.

    Almost as good as the time my brother and I got Lego Hogwarts.


    Nerd for life.

    Thanks, nerdy family. I love you guys.

    xoxo Julia


  2. I ran my first 5K.

    Crazy, right?

    I finished in 34 minutes and 13 seconds, and placed fourth in my age group.

    {Though I have a feeling there were only four people in my age group.}


    I've made it a goal to start running more this summer, and to actually get good at it. Hopefully I'll be running more 5K's in the future and shaving a couple minutes off my time.

    xoxo Julia

  3. This is my baby. My first car! 
    I was under the well-enforced impression that, once the need arose, my mother would buy herself a new car and I would inherit her old one. Which isn't that old and I actually am quite fond of. It was supposedly at the dealership for "detailing" and we would go pick it up after I graduated.

    Imagine my surprise when I was handed a key and told that this baby was mine.


    There were more tears. Even the salesman got weepy.

    I can't thank my wonderful parents enough.

    Unfortunately, he (she? I'm still not sure) is still in need of a name. Everything I've tried hasn't quite fit. I would love to christen it after one of the heroes from the wonderful world of Harry Potter, but I can't decide. Who could ever decide such a thing?!

    But I've narrowed it down:


    Two boy names, two girl names. 


    xoxo Julia