1. sunday snapshot.

    Sunday, November 27

    xoxo julia

  2. i think i've turned into a magpie.

    Saturday, November 26

     {shoes: forever 21. a product of my first black friday shopping trip!}

     {feet: mine.}

    xoxo julia

  3. count your many blessings.

    Thursday, November 24

    happy thanksgiving, everyone! here are a few things i'm grateful for:

    • music
    • hot chocolate
    • my mom
    • snow
    • teachers
    • sleeping in
    • coats
    • a warm house
    • best friends
    • poetry
    • courage
    • the gospel
    • kind smiles
    • living close to family
    • sugar cookies
    • fairy tales
    • pecan pie on thanksgiving!
    xoxo julia

  4. {scarf: h&m. sunglasses: urban wear.}

    and she was so nice.

    {so is h&m. utah finally has one! eep!}

    xoxo julia

  5. i'm blue, da ba dee.

    Sunday, November 20

    neon blue betsey johnson tights, anybody?

    xoxo julia

  6. i left the school play last night to find a dusting of snow over everything! so, of course, i had to put on my rainboots as soon as i got home and snap some pictures, even though it was pitch dark.

    {i even tasted some of it...shh!}

    xoxo julia


  7. these boots are made for...

    Thursday, November 17

    i'm on the hunt for some new boots this season! partly because the zipper on one of my boots broke and now it's held together with multiple safety pins. super classy. but also because i want some boots that aren't from justice. big girl boots, if you will.

    anyway, here are some i found while perusing the good ol' internet.

    {from top: free people, gojane, forever21, modcloth.}

    not that i'd actually wear the modcloth ones.

    {that's a lie. i so would. if my mother would let me.}

    xoxo julia


  8. oh my heck my life is insane.

    Tuesday, November 15


    so i realize i haven't blogged in like, ages. and i've probably lost my tiny amount of readers.

    but i have a for reals excuse!

    i've had the opportunity to play in the pit orchestra for our school play, which just so happens to be beauty and the beast. {does it get better than that? i don't think so.} but as a result, i've been staying after school every day for at least two hours and now i have a performance every night for the next week and a half.

    and to top it all off, my teachers have decided to give us tons of homework. good thing i really enjoy writing essays on hamlet. 

    anyway, i'm alive.

    just thought you should know.

    xoxo julia


  9. you sneaky mom!

    Saturday, November 5

    this made me die of laughter. and i'm seriously tempted to do this when i have kids.

    xoxo julia

  10. happy is as happy does.

    Friday, November 4

    i needed a good dose of happy today. i figured you wouldn't be bothered by getting one too.

    xoxo julia