1. goal: read more.

    progress: i've made some lists of cool-sounding books i want to read. like the particular sadness of lemon cake, the bell jar, the night circus, room, extremely loud and incredibly close, never let me go... 

    etc etc etc.

    then i cozied up in my room and read harry potter until one in the morning instead.

    assessment: nothing beats the moment when mad-eye moody turns malfoy into a bouncing ferret. nothing, i say.

    xoxo julia

  2. happy 2012!

    Sunday, January 1

    a whole year has come and gone, and i feel like it hardly happened! is that a sign that i'm getting older? time goes faster?

    if so, it's not fair.

    anyway, as tradition has it, i've made a few new year's resolutions. care to hear them?

    • {{read more.
    • {{eat less.
    • {{work harder.
    • {{procrastinate less.
    • {}serve others more.
    • {{keep these resolutions!

    here's to a shiny new year!

    xoxo julia