1. doodle wednesday.

    Wednesday, August 31

     remember all those princess drawings i posted last week? well. i tried my hand at coloring them on the computer {i got to use my favorite paint.net thanks to some computer geekery done by my awesome uncle!} and this is what happened. still rough, but not bad for a first attempt, ifidosaysomyself.

    xoxo julia

  2. tuesday afternoons.

    Tuesday, August 30

     {shirt: gifted. skirt: kohl's. scarf, gloves, and headband: forever 21.}

    do you love that i take pictures of myself? with my webcam? all the time?

    i'm going boating with my church girls tonight! {if i don't die from ACT study before 5:15, that is.} maybe my mommy will let me take the camera this time...

    xoxo julia

  3. just another manic monday.

    Monday, August 29

    hooray for new clothes! i got this darling blouse at forever 21 on saturday evening. it has giraffes on it.

    which is mostly why i bought it.

    that, and it reminds me of emma pillsberry. and it's awesome.

    did i mention that it has giraffes on it?

    how go your mondays?

    xoxo julia

  4. sunday snapshot.

    Sunday, August 28


    xoxo julia

  5. 1. my fantastic english teacher.
    who hates twilight, tolerates pride and prejudice, burns notes that she catches being passed, and keeps my attention all class. which is saying something, since there are some guys in that class who are, let's say, easy on the eyes.

    2. beginning stats vs. ap stats.
    beginning stats: {hold it together, julia, you can tolerate being surrounded by stupidity for 37 more minutes, at least it's not calculus... did that kid just huck a loogie in that other kid's seat?!}
    ap stats: {woah. these people are...discussing the assignment? this subject is actually...interesting? my teacher is...wearing a belt buckle shaped like a nintendo 64 controller? woah.}

    3. harry potter-themed assembly.
    in all its cheesy glory, the welcome assembly had me being all twitterpated and shrieking potter fangirl. it doesn't help that it included a fantastic final duel in which voldemort ditches his wand for a lightsaber.

    4. early morning temple trips.
    followed by french toast with rachie. :) need i say more?

    5. making weird faces in band with my best friends.
    we entertain ourselves to keep us from exploding. don't ask.

    xoxo julia

  6. the little things.

    Thursday, August 25

    {moustache ring: rue 21.}

    third day of school? much better than the first, let's say. i think i'm getting back into a schedule and all that. like, i'm going to bed at 10:30 {ish} and second period doesn't seem to last for six hours anymore.

    it's the little things that make my day. a smile, a hello, a familiar face in a classroom, a reminder that my friends are always there for me. things like that make me smile.

    xoxo julia

  7. doodle wednesday.

    Wednesday, August 24

    i released my inner child these past couple days and drew all of the disney princesses while listening to music from their movies. nerd, i know. these are a couple of my favorites. :) {yes, i know meg isn't a princess. but she pretty much rocks, so i included her.}

    xoxo julia

  8. that's what i go to school for.

    Tuesday, August 23

    this is my creeper theme song. basically.

    first day of school? yeah. not awesome.
    except for my ap literature class. call me a nerd, but i totally loved that we wrote an essay on the first day.

    here's my first day outfit! not that it's uber special or anything, i totally wore it all summer. but hey. it's one of those confidence booster dresses, so why not? heaven knows i needed it.

    {dress: forever 21. belt: wet seal.}
    xoxo julia

  9. a cheesy experiment.

    Saturday, August 20

    i decided to do a little experimenting with my favorite sandwich.

    {is it weird that i'm totally obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches? i told my friend about my random idea to open a grilled cheese cafe with a build-your-own sandwich bar and hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies and he said it was the worst idea he's ever heard. ouch.}

    back to the sandwich.
    or, sandwiches. five little teeny ones! so cute!

    i basically pulled out every cheese that was in our fridge and every kind of bread we had and started combining them. my favorite was muenster on white with a tomato and spinach and a layer of feta. YUM. closely followed by another muenster on wheat with ham and laughing cow spread. also yum.

    it was a delicious success.

    xoxo julia

  10. friday's top five.

    Friday, August 19

    1. new notebooks.

    call me weird, but i love getting new school supplies. especially notebooks. every page of which will be filled before the school year is halfway over.

    2. haven.

    this is my new show addiction. i know i keep saying how i should watch less tv, but i just can't help myself sometimes! this one is about an fbi agent {audrey parker} who is investigating a little fishing town in maine called haven where some...ahem...weird things happen. malicious machines and zombies, anyone?

    3. owl city.

    my current music obsession. it's just so happy! and the words are so fun. i think i need their new album, stat. favorite tracks: "if my heart was a house" and "sunburn."

    4. frankenstein.

    i had to read this book for my ap literature class {starting in four days! eek!} and, surprisingly enough, quite enjoyed it. i don't know what it was that captured me so much--the language was difficult and, as typical of romantic literature, it wasn't action-packed. but i loved it! i couldn't put it down! next on my list: dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. i need my creepy fix.

    5. not looking my age.

    apparently i still look like this. {darling, i know. ooh's and aww's are muchly appreciated.}

    which actually kinda sucks. rachie and i got mistaken for sophomores by a teeny kid in a student council jacket at school registration, and later i got a text inviting me to the junior jam. HELLO PEOPLE, SENIOR HERE. just because i'm five feet tall doesn't mean i can't be old.

    xoxo julia

  11. girl date!

    Thursday, August 18

    rachie and i went to go get registered for school yesterday {bleck} followed by a trip to target and a roxberry pit stop {yum-o!}. we're making the most of our last five days before school starts...or at least trying to.

    xoxo julia

  12. doodle wednesday.

    Wednesday, August 17

    this kind of stuff happens when i'm bored. pretty much.

    xoxo julia

  13. recap.

    Tuesday, August 16

    today i:

    {{painted my grandpa's nails.
    {{put vampire makeup on my dad.
    {i'm not a weirdo, i promise. we were...dressing up. yeah.}
    {{resolved a couple fears.
    {{bonded with some sweet girls over desserts.
    {{am about to go play with some of my favorite friends!

    xoxo julia

  14. goals.

    Monday, August 15

    since school is starting in a week {gah! so soon!} i thought i might do a little goal evaluation/editing.
    as far as my summer goals go, i sort of failed. crafty? me? psh. the 5k went down the drain, seeing as not running for a month can sort of get you out of shape. and by sort of, i mean a lot. i did read some, but i still watch way too much television.

    on to new goals for school! let's see...

    1. find a new group to play with.
    {{not that my old group was bad, just half of them graduated and now i need guy friends to take me to dances. not that that's the only reason i want friends...

    2. be more outgoing.
    {{aka, raise my hand in class, talk to people i don't know, don't have any classes in which i sit in silence because i don't already know anyone. i'm so sick of being afraid to talk to people.

    3. get all a's.
    {{that will be interesting. i might have to, you know, study. legasp.

    4. limit my tv time.
    {{i am SO BAD at this. i'm always finding new shows that i feel like i need to watch. {haven and alphas, anyone?} maybe i'll cut the list down to three. project runway, glee, and doctor who. {that's still a lot. shoot.} kay. goal revision: don't watch so much tv in my free time. do something productive {or at least not brain-melting}, like study or play with friends or read a book.

    alright. that's a good list, don't you think?

    xoxo julia

  15. sunday snapshot.

    Sunday, August 14

    see these babies? they can be found on gojane.com in their fantastic heel sale. translation: hundreds of fabulous shoes at julia-the-cheapskate friendly prices! i am about dying. i must have them. ALL OF THEM.

    xoxo julia

  16. hello, yellow.

    Saturday, August 13

    i discovered the beauty of this happy color on my new best friend named pinterest. and now i'm thoroughly determined to have a yellow house. yep.

    i LOVE it. what's your take on this cheery color?

    xoxo julia

  17. friday's top five.

    Friday, August 12

    time for friday's top five! here we go...

    1. lemonade.

    this brilliant girl, chloe, was in my efy session and performed this song at the variety show. i found her on youtube {turns out she writes and sings songs with her little sister, olivia} and am now longing for a chloe & olivia album! they are absolutely brilliant. lemonade, however, remains my favorite.

    2. new shoes.

    i found these puppies at tjmaxx {i'm a maxxinista! heh.} for a mere eleven dollars. i had to buy them. not only are they magenta, ridiculously tall, and a freaking bargain, but my mom gave them the stamp of approval. score! now i want to wear these with a little black dress to a dance. assuming someone asks me to one, of course.

    3. dippidee.

    we popped in this cute little bakery called dippidee the other day for a spontaneous treat, and holy. cow. their raspberry lemonade cupcake was one of the most delicious things i've ever eaten. along with their orange frosted snickerdoodle, homemade oreo, and little devil cupcake. divine, i tell you.

    4. pinterest.

    my newest obsession: pinterest.com. it's bad. but wonderful. i can look at hundreds of pretty pictures and sort them into boards like the ocd freak that i am. delicious.

    5. getting old.

    actually, i don't really love this one.

    i got a letter addressed to me from byu admissions services. my heart was pounding as i opened it--call me crazy, but this whole college-in-a-year thing is freaking me out. the packet inside said the priority application deadline is december first. ack! that's so soon! scaryscaryscary. soon i'll be taking college finals and doing my own laundry, and stuff.

    xoxo julia


  18. finally finished.

    Thursday, August 11

    remember when i showed you my naked walls? well, they aren't naked anymore!

    i am thoroughly in love with this room now. i thought i would really miss my jonas boys staring down at me from every angle, but this room reflects more of who i am now, i think. not that i'm supremely chic or anything.

    ps, the white frames are from ikea. they're plastic. they cost five dollars. i love them. just thought you should know.

    xoxo julia

  19. doodle wednesday.

    Wednesday, August 10

    i am very pleased to introduce to you...the malfoy family!

    yeah i know, lucius and narcissa don't look very old. at all. i'm workin' on it.

    also, i really need a photo editing program that isn't iphoto and that doesn't cost as much as photoshop. i used to have paint.net on my pc, which was my best friend in the whole wide world. but now i have a mac which refuses to run my best friend. {and also maplestory. and my harry potter and the sorcerer's stone computer game from when i was seven. boo.} any suggestions, dear readers?

    xoxo julia

  20. oh what a day.

    Tuesday, August 9

    see this piece of paper right here? this means that i, julia larsen, passed my drivers test! {clap clap} which means that i can drop by the dmv any time i like, birth certificate and thirty dollars in hand, and get my official utah drivers license.

    which is terrifying, for you and me.

    get off the roads, teenage driver coming through!

    xoxo julia


  21. rainbow brite.

    Saturday, August 6

    rainbow pancakes, anyone?

    rachel and i made these puppies on friday morning and had a mighty fine time doing it! we made a half batch of batter {because we knew we would eat all of them if we made a whole...} and still managed to make six different colors of pancakes. that involved about four spoonfuls of batter in each color. still cute! it inspired us to throw a rainbow party with rainbow cupcakes and balloons and soda in every color.

    xoxo julia

  22. grilled deliciousness.

    Thursday, August 4

    i love grilled cheese sandwiches.

    like, a lot. i could eat one every day of my life. seriously.

    i love this one in particular. it's got jarlesberg and provelone cheeses, tomato slices, and fresh basil leaves. i doctored our boring white bread with a bit of butter, parmesan, and garlic powder.

    HOLY MAMA it was good.

    nothing beats enjoying a delicious sandwich while listening to good music mixed with the sound of rain outside. until the rain turns into hail and you dash outside to rescue the pillows on the porch furniture from a soggy death.

    it was still delicious.

    xoxo julia