1. friday's top five.

    Friday, August 19

    1. new notebooks.

    call me weird, but i love getting new school supplies. especially notebooks. every page of which will be filled before the school year is halfway over.

    2. haven.

    this is my new show addiction. i know i keep saying how i should watch less tv, but i just can't help myself sometimes! this one is about an fbi agent {audrey parker} who is investigating a little fishing town in maine called haven where some...ahem...weird things happen. malicious machines and zombies, anyone?

    3. owl city.

    my current music obsession. it's just so happy! and the words are so fun. i think i need their new album, stat. favorite tracks: "if my heart was a house" and "sunburn."

    4. frankenstein.

    i had to read this book for my ap literature class {starting in four days! eek!} and, surprisingly enough, quite enjoyed it. i don't know what it was that captured me so much--the language was difficult and, as typical of romantic literature, it wasn't action-packed. but i loved it! i couldn't put it down! next on my list: dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. i need my creepy fix.

    5. not looking my age.

    apparently i still look like this. {darling, i know. ooh's and aww's are muchly appreciated.}

    which actually kinda sucks. rachie and i got mistaken for sophomores by a teeny kid in a student council jacket at school registration, and later i got a text inviting me to the junior jam. HELLO PEOPLE, SENIOR HERE. just because i'm five feet tall doesn't mean i can't be old.

    xoxo julia

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    1. Kenzie said...

      I have all the owl city stuff so if you need any of it let me know and i will let you borrow :)

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