1. friday's top five.

    Friday, August 12

    time for friday's top five! here we go...

    1. lemonade.

    this brilliant girl, chloe, was in my efy session and performed this song at the variety show. i found her on youtube {turns out she writes and sings songs with her little sister, olivia} and am now longing for a chloe & olivia album! they are absolutely brilliant. lemonade, however, remains my favorite.

    2. new shoes.

    i found these puppies at tjmaxx {i'm a maxxinista! heh.} for a mere eleven dollars. i had to buy them. not only are they magenta, ridiculously tall, and a freaking bargain, but my mom gave them the stamp of approval. score! now i want to wear these with a little black dress to a dance. assuming someone asks me to one, of course.

    3. dippidee.

    we popped in this cute little bakery called dippidee the other day for a spontaneous treat, and holy. cow. their raspberry lemonade cupcake was one of the most delicious things i've ever eaten. along with their orange frosted snickerdoodle, homemade oreo, and little devil cupcake. divine, i tell you.

    4. pinterest.

    my newest obsession: pinterest.com. it's bad. but wonderful. i can look at hundreds of pretty pictures and sort them into boards like the ocd freak that i am. delicious.

    5. getting old.

    actually, i don't really love this one.

    i got a letter addressed to me from byu admissions services. my heart was pounding as i opened it--call me crazy, but this whole college-in-a-year thing is freaking me out. the packet inside said the priority application deadline is december first. ack! that's so soon! scaryscaryscary. soon i'll be taking college finals and doing my own laundry, and stuff.

    xoxo julia


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    1. Joshua J said...

      holy cow! i can't believe you are going to college.

    2. Payden said...

      You might want to learn to run a washing machine first xD

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