1. doodle wednesday.

    Wednesday, August 3

    in keeping with my zombie/halloween theme from yesterday, here are a couple monster high-inspired doodles i've done this summer. {monster high, you say? what on earth is that? well, just click here and the magical world that is creepy barbie dolls made for kids but loved by me will unfold before you!}

    since i don't color my drawings, like, ever, {which i probably should work on. but color and i are not very good friends.} i should explain that this first girl is actually green. she's a goblin! hence the ears. and the, uh, green skin.

    and this one is named emma allie poe. she's the daughter of edgar allen poe, because who else is creepier than poe?! {for those of you who are not enrolled in monster high, all of the dolls are daughters of some classic horror story character, like frankenstein or dracula or the creature from the black lagoon.}

    yes, i know i'm a total nerd. and yes, i do really really want one of these dolls for my birthday.

    xox julia

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