1. doodle wednesday.

    Wednesday, August 10

    i am very pleased to introduce to you...the malfoy family!

    yeah i know, lucius and narcissa don't look very old. at all. i'm workin' on it.

    also, i really need a photo editing program that isn't iphoto and that doesn't cost as much as photoshop. i used to have paint.net on my pc, which was my best friend in the whole wide world. but now i have a mac which refuses to run my best friend. {and also maplestory. and my harry potter and the sorcerer's stone computer game from when i was seven. boo.} any suggestions, dear readers?

    xoxo julia

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    1. Kris Olson said...

      Photoshop Elements is about $99 at Costco, and it's great. Mac's are better. :)

    2. Jeff said...

      I love 'em. Especially Draco's 80's tie. :)

      I can probably help you on the photoshop front. I'll experiment a bit and call you if I figure something out.

    3. Payden said...

      Macs are better, thats why everything costs more... Cuz its worth it :)

    4. Joshua J said...

      Love it. you can get great discounts on adobe products for being a student. I bet you could get photoshop elements for pretty cheap. Have your dad check out the byu bookstore and remind him you have a birthday coming up!

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