1. A-Z of me.

    Thursday, September 15

    i found this cute survey on the oh so lovely vintage blog and decided to take a spin at it.

    A~ age: 16. but only for nine more days!
    B~ bed size: twin.
    C~ chores that you hate: cleaning my room. what's the point? it'll only get messy again!
    D~ dogs: one spoiled shi tzu named coco.
    E~ essential start to your day: my morning run.
    F~ favorite color: pink and turquoise. though lately i'm loving chartreuse too.
    G~ gold or silver: in summer, gold. but in winter i like silver.
    H~ height: 5'3" and not getting any taller.
    I~ instruments you play: i've played the flute for six years and plan to continue on to college.
    J~ job title: student. ;)
    K~ kids: none yet! but don't think i don't have names picked out already.
    L~ live: cedar hills, utah. aka the bubble.
    M~ mother's maiden name: albrecht.
    N~ nicknames: juj, jules, michael jackson...
    O~ overnight hospital stays: none. i'm a safe/healthy/sane kid.
    P~ pet peeves: when people crack their knuckles. nastiest. sound. ever.
    Q~ quote from movie or tv: "i said to myself, take a chance. hire the smart, fat girl." ~miranda priestley, the devil wears prada.
    R~ righty or lefty: lefty, baby.
    S~ siblings: one little brother. who, at his middle school maturity level, i'm not sure counts as a brother or a pet.
    T~ time you wake up: 5:25 on weekdays. call me crazy.
    U~ underwear: yes, i wear it. be amazed.
    V~ vegetable you hate: cauliflower. it smells like diapers.
    W~ what makes you run late: the amount of time i spend curling my stick-straight hair.
    X~ x-rays: um, teeth?
    Y~ yummy food you make: i can make two things: grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes. both of which i've blogged about, and both of which i think are delicious.
    Z~ zoo animal: giraffes! elephants! hippos! don't make me choose!

    xoxo julia


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