1. friday's top five.

    Friday, September 9

    1. the office.

    {{this show is my latest guilty pleasure. i know i said i was going to watch less tv, but that was before i discovered the hilarity of dunder mifflin. {i'm actually doing pretty well. considering.} also i'm obsessed with jim & pam. i know they end up married with a baby, but i still squeal whenever something remotely romantic happens.

    2. playing with the orchestra.

    {{a few friends and i have the fantastic opportunity to make a trip from band land and play with the orchestra once a week. and i can't even express how wonderful it is. their director is absolutely fantastic and so chill. and did i mention that we're playing a michael jackson medley?

    3. the help.

    {{i finished the book while i was home sick on tuesday, and now i am dying to see the movie. the book was amazing! each character had such a great voice. and the story ranged from laugh out loud to positively touching. fantastic.

    4. wearing cardigans and not dying of heat.

    {dress & scarf: american eagle. cardigan: brass plum. belt: wet seal.}
    {{need i say more?

    5. great discussions about great books and great poems from a great teacher.

    {{here's another nerdy revelation from yours truly: i LOVE english class. my teacher is one of the best i've ever had. she has a way of creating such an engaging discussion and keeping your attention the entire class. she also uses fantastic words like "fruitful" and "caveat" in normal conversation. i can't get enough of it.

    xoxo julia

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    1. tiffany. said...

      Hi darling!!
      I wanted to let you know that your comment to enter to win the Midnight Flight Vintage Giveaway here: http://bestsoylatte.blogspot.com/2011/09/midnight-flight-giveaway.html
      is NOT valid as it needs to be entered via the comment system on the actual page and you used the blogger system (should be closed but it still works for some) my apologies! So all you need to do is go to the above link and make sure you comment via the "intense debate" comments and you'll be in for a chance to win!!

      Thanks & XO!

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