1. happy birthday to me!

    Saturday, September 24

    {from deviantart}

    today's the big day! yours truly has been living and breathing for seventeen years. it feels weird to say seventeen. that seems so much older than sixteen, for some reason.

    oh! and i have a story for you!

    see this?

    yeah. that's my knee. want to know how it got like that?

    {i'm going to tell you anyway.}

    in seminary yesterday we were playing one of those run-to-the-board-as-fast-as-humanly-possible-as-soon-as-you-know-the-answer which we all know usually turns into  one of those trample-everyone-in-your-path-to-get-five-measly-points-because-everyone-is-so-darn-competitive games. near the end of class, everybody had gotten into the mode of the latter description, so i knew i was risking life and limb to win, but i dashed from my desk anyway. the girl sitting behind me ran at the exact same time i did, and we crashed simultaneously into the teacher's cart, the wall, and each other. somewhere in the fray my knee got banged up on something {or someone. i have no idea.}. i was too busy frantically holding my skirt down so i didn't flash anybody to protect my knee, and this is what happened.

    the girl who i collided with ran again the round after i got my battle wound, and she clonked heads with  someone else running at top speed. so now she's got a goose egg on her head and i have a gaping hole in my knee. just in time for homecoming. hurrah. 

    i'm sure you desperately wanted to see those pictures. yum.

    xoxo julia

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