1. sometimes i like to listen to country music and window shop online while making involuntary sounds of joy and longing. this is one of those times.

    but i actually have a purpose this time! yours truly has a mighty fine date to homecoming {which is not only exciting, but it's on my birthday. double awesome.} and needs to find a dress! not that i'll actually end up with any of these. but a girl can dream, right?

    so here's my homecoming inspo top five. :)

    {red-y to dance dress, modcloth.}

    {charming choices dress, modcloth.}

    {pow! poof! strapless dress, betsey johnson.}

    {sweetie pie dress, diane von furstenburg.}

    {lace teacup dress, rent the runway.}

    xoxo julia


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    1. eacpryor said...

      I love that Von Furstenburg with some sort of bizarre passion I wasn't aware I had.

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