1. taylor swift.

    Thursday, September 29

    see this gorgeous girl? well. i saw her in concert last night {be jealous.} and i've officially decided that she is a real live princess. she is gorgeous, classy, and so talented! it was by far the best concert i've been to {not that i've been to many...hilary duff and jonas brothers are the extent of my concert-going experience} what with the brilliant staging and taylor's many gorgeous--and, of course, sparkly--dresses. plus! she does her makeup like i do! {or maybe i do mine like hers. chicken or the egg, right?} and the whole night i was thinking omgtaylorwecouldtotesbebestfriends.

    and, in classic julia style, i didn't bring my camera. {facepalm} so here are some ubercrummy phone pictures of the best concert eva.

    they definitely don't do justice to the brilliance that is tswizzle.

    xoxo julia

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