1. friday's top five.

    Friday, September 23

    to tell the truth, this week has been crazy busy. so today's top five is gonna be brief due to lack of exciting content in my life.

    1. the alto flute.
    {{it's about as long as my leg and as thick as two of my fingers. and it's so low. and pretty.

    2. byu.
    {{despite their rather sad loss to utah {and if non-football-watching me knows it's sad, it must be sad} i am a loud and proud byu fan. rachie and i visited campus yesterday to visit one of our college friends and decided that we really really want to go there. like, asap.

    3. beethoven's symphony no. 9.
    {{i have the privilege to play this piece with the best youth orchestra in the state. it's positively magical.

    4. september 24th.
    {{having homecoming and my birthday on the same day...aka tomorrow!! my sweet sixteen is drawing to a close. i feel so old. 

    5. hm. that's all. i love you.

    xoxo julia

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