1. the cake is a lie.

    Monday, June 27

    what does a teenager do in the summer? well. first she goes to the airport to pick up her best friend. then she gets frustrated because her friend is not really in terminal one like she said, and she is actually in terminal two. then when they get home, they wander around looking for things to do. like go to sliding rock with their friends! which is a supercool natural waterslide type deal, ps. then when the water is too high for them to actually slide down (thank you, melting snow. and rain. i love you muchly.) they go to the grocery store in their swimsuits and buy stuff to make alfredo. and then, most excitingly, they eat alfredo and watch people play portal. yesss.

    here's a random awkward picture of my friends. the ones who are not playing portal, anyway.

    xoxo julia

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