1. friday's top five.

    Friday, June 24

    let me start by saying something that does not make my top five: drivers ed. not only is it terrifying to drive on roads i've never seen before, let alone driven on, it's just plain embarrassing when the instructor tells you to practice more (ten hours more. at least.) otherwise i probably won't pass my test.
    on to the happiness!

    1. the switch.

    this was one of those movies that mom gets from netflix on a whim and we decide to watch it, sitting tentatively on the edge of our seats waiting for it to get bad and have to turn it off. not so with this one! it turned out to be one of the cutest movies i have ever seen. the premise?:two bffs, kassie and wally. massie wants to get pregnant but has no man, so gets a sperm donor. one thing leads to another, and wally drunkenly switches the donor's...ingredient...for his own. he conveniently doesn't remember a thing in the morning. five years later, the two reunite to find that kassie's sweet, adorable, super-smart son, sebastian, is a mini version of wally. the verdict: laughs? check. sweet little kid moments? check. dysfunctional best-friends-in-denial-for-thirteen-years romance? you betcha.

    2. john krasinski.

    my friends and i went to see "something borrowed" on wednesday night. it, unfortunately, does not make my top five list (it had a lot of not very good role models a bummer of an ending. thank goodness it's based on a trilogy, am i right? maybe the sequel will be better. if there's a sequel.) but john krasinski certainly does! he was by far my favorite character in the movie. he's so funny! and cute. i love his dry sarcasm. and he's cute. and adorable with wifey emily blunt. and he's handsome.

    3. norah jones.

    i've gotten bored with my music (surprise surprise) and started exploring norah jones. she has such a gorgeous voice and i love her mellow jazz sound. it's very chill-out-y music, which goodness knows i need these days. favorite tracks: gotta say i still love "don't know why" and "come away with me" the most. sticking with my classics.

    4. sunglasses.

    i am so in love with my new sunglasses. i got them for half off at claire's. yep. they have cute little bows on the sides and completely overwhelm my face and protect my poor little eyeballs from getting sunburned. yes, that's possible. no, it is not fun.

    5. aloe vera.

    while my eyeballs might not be sunburned, the rest of me is. well, not the rest of me. just the random spots that i missed with my spf 50 baby sunscreen. aka, a random stripe on my arm, two inches on my thighs, and a super cute bright red indicator of where my swimsuit strap was. loooove it.

    xox julia

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    1. Sheyanne said...

      this is a cute idea:) maybe i will have top 5 thursdays & copy you!
      Countdown is less than a month-
      miss you pretty lady :)

    2. julia larsen said...

      i miss you too, shey! i can't wait to see you!!

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