1. friday's top five.

    Friday, June 17

    here's another weekly feature i'm starting: friday's top five. a summary of my favorite things from the previous week, be it blog discoveries or fashion obsessions or the random things that occupy my mind. here goes:

    1. bikes.

    i'm totally obsessed with bikes right now!! i really really really want to get one. i have this fantasy of trotting around town on my bike (with a basket, of course) while wearing sunglasses and smiling at everyone. too bad i live on top of a giant hill that would have to be ridden back up in order to get home. still. i really want a bike.

    2. elsie & jeremy's wedding.

    before you tell me again, yes, i know i am a total creep. this is the previously blogged elsie larson from a beautiful mess. her wedding to jeremy larson was positively gorgeous and i can't stop thinking about it! it's so fun and colorful and laid back and oh-so-sweet! you can see more pictures here or scattered throughout elsie's blog, along with sweet notes from her bridesmaids and the everyday glory that is elsie larson.

    3. mint green nail polish.

    i've been dying over mint green nail polish for months, and i finally broke down and purchased this perfect summer shade for a bank-breaking $2.50! big spender, i know. so worth it.

    4. printed scarves.

    i bought this scarf at forever 21 on my monday shopping trip with rachie and have been obsessing over it ever since! it was a result of me being impulsive and i'm loving it. so far i've worn it with a white sundress as well as a chambray shirt with brown jeans. pictures to come maybe? anyway. another reason it's perfect? i have three colors of lipstick that go with this scarf: red, orange, and fuchsia. i die.

    5. josh ritter.

    i discovered josh ritter on my itunes while attempting to recover the music that was lost when we got a new computer. and, i love him! i love his soft acoustic sound and his sweet voice. favorite tracks? "the temptation of adam" and "girl in the war." i highly recommend.

    xoxo julia

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