1. hey there, cupcake.

    Monday, June 20

    our new pottery barn furniture was delivered this morning! awesome, yeah? except for the fact that i was the only one home and the delivery people wouldn't bring the stuff inside because i'm not eighteen. so i ran over to the neighbor's house at barely 10am and asked her to come over and sign for me! how awful. she was happy enough to help, but i felt bad so i baked some spontaneous thank-you cupcakes.

    it was my second time baking cupcakes ever, and my first time without the help of master chef sarah leslie smith. but they looked pretty normal so i wasn't all too worried.

    except for the fact that we had no powdered sugar for frosting...so i found a recipe for a meringue-ish frosting that was kinda shiny. but it was pretty and tasted yummy so what the heck.

    anyway. i actually made cupcakes and they didn't collapse or implode or explode or poison anyone (yet). be proud. i certainly am.

    xoxo julia

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