1. doodle wednesday.

    Wednesday, June 22

    hi. sorry for the super low quality of these images (and the ones to come for the rest of the week....). my dad took the camera to scout camp and i'm stuck here with only my phone camera to capture my oh-so-awesome everyday life.

    anyway. i drew this first one while we were in cedar city last week for my brother's soccer tournament. i was sitting in a camp chair at the side of a soccer field, attempting to read jane eyre and dying of boredom. so i drew a cute girl in a comfy armchair reading an actually interesting book. and a birdie!

    and i drew this one during my chick flick marathon yesterday while watching the glee season finale (again) and dreaming of winter. call me crazy, but i love the cold. it means i get to wear coats and hats and boots and gloves and sweaters and tights. and black. ooh yes, i love me some good black.

    xoxo julia

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