1. chick flicks, anyone?

    Tuesday, June 21

    i've come down with a bug. the kind that makes your nose all stuffy and takes away any motivation to do anything except sit on the couch and watch movies. chick flicks, to be precise. and glee. but that practically counts.

    my day has been rather unproductive (except for drivers ed in the morning. 6am in the morning. my instructor said that he wanted to do a lot of "straight road driving" with me today. translation: you suck at this.) sp i decided to make a list of my top chick flicks for you.

    in no particular order:

    1. the devil wears prada.

    actually, this one goes in order. top favorite movie of all time. i adore the clothes and emily blunt and the clothes and meryl streep and the music and the clothes and anne hathaway and the clothes and, did i mention that the clothes in this movie are fabulous? i think i'm more in love with the clothes than with the men. if you didn't pick up on that little fact already.

    2. p.s. i love you.

    so sad, so sweet. better than the notebook in the crying-your-eyes-out-but-loving-it-so-freaking-much-at-the-same-time category. awesomely addictive soundtrack. irish men? yes please. romantic irish men who leave post-mortem love letters to their wives? even better.

    3. (500) days of summer.

    i don't know if this one particularly counts, especially since one of my best guy friends introduced me to it. and since it's all about a breakup. but i love it! i love the artsy-ness of it and also zooey deschanel. and the to-die-for soundtrack makes me feel like a hipster. the smiths + hall & oates + regina spektor = perfection.

    4. bride wars.

    gah. give me a wedding and anne hathaway and i'm game. i just love all the hijinks these best friends pull on each other, only to forgive each other in the end in true best friend fashion. i went and saw this in the theater with my best friend and when we left she said, "i can totally see us doing that." the sad part is it's totally true. sadder still is i would end up with the blue hair and the orange spray tan.

    5. 27 dresses.

    another wedding movie, yes. (i LOVE weddings. did i mention that? well. i do.) i love how katherine heigl and james marsden fight the entire movie, only to fall in love just as everyone predicted. plus there are really awesome hideous bridesmaids dresses that i would totally never use to torture my friends on my wedding day.

    6. leap year.

    another irish man movie. guess i can't get enough of that accent. i love this one even though it is completely 100% predictable. it's just so stinkin cute! especially when declan says sweet things. with that accent. and it doesn't help that they play "dream a little dream of me" while they're falling in love. squee!

    and finally...

    7. confessions of a shopaholic.

    this is the movie i watch when i feel like i need retail therapy but don't have any money. which is 99% of the time. i shop vicariously through rebecca bloomwood. which means i get gucci bags and dior heels and, of course, a green dolce & gabanna scarf. oh, and luke brandon.

    xoxo julia

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