1. our resident diva had no trouble keeping his pinkies up.

    are you drooling yet? i am. and i already ate all of this.

    we made placecards for everyone. and covered them in glitter nail polish.

    awwah best friend love.

    the fam and i are leaving on a jet plane for puerto vallarta, mexico at 11am tomorrow! i can't wait to lounge on the beach and go to the spa and wander around paradise and eat. fish. tacos. every. stinkin. day. jealous? you should be. and while i'm in paradise, i will not be posting. so you'll have to survive eight days without little old me! how will you manage? i'll bring pictures back, i promise. :)

    xoxo julia

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    1. LoriAlbrecht said...

      I love the pictures!

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