1. farewell, jonas.

    Sunday, July 31

    for those of you who do not know, i love the jonas brothers.

    and by love, i don't mean i-liked-sos-and-nick-but-kevin-is-ugly-and-when-the-biebs-came-along-i-ditched-them-and-became-a-belieber. i mean something more along the lines of omj-i-love-the-jonas-brothers-sooooooo-much-and-haven't-taken-down-my-posters-since-2008-and-i-still-freak-out-when-someone-mentions-the-word-jonas-and-i-want-to-name-one-of-my-kids-jonas-and-i-still-know-every-single-word-to-every-single-song-and-omj-i-just-love-them-soooooo-muchhhhhhhh.

    yup. basically.

    so i have this room. it's pink. and up until two days ago it looked a little something like this:


    in essence, my walls were completely covered with sun-bleached, well-loved posters that i had extracted from tiger beat or bop or pop star magazines back in eighth grade. some of them have lip gloss stains on them from last week back when i kissed them all good night i have no idea how it got there. hmm. odd.

    now, however, my walls are naked. NAKED, I TELL YOU.

    it makes me sort of sad.

    but hey, people change and promises are broken, clouds can move and skies will be wide open.
    translation: i got some cute new fashion-y framed posters that will look super awesome and also super grown up and will be on my wall within the week

    i couldn't bear to part with my jonas boys completely though, so they are hiding in my closet.

    xoxo julia

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