1. doodle wednesday.

    Wednesday, July 6

    (sidenote: sorry this post is sooo late. i tried to upload all these photos at once and my computer freaked out and cancelled them all. i had to try like three more times before i realized that they upload better when there's not seven of them. hooray.)

    in preparation for the harry potter movie (which comes out in nine days. nine days! it will be ready and waiting for me when i get back from mexico. can't. wait.) i've busted out the harry potter freak that has stayed closeted inside me since i introduced myself as such in fourth grade. so here's some doodles of my favorite potter characters.

    i started with the basic trio. harry turned out surprisingly well on complete accident. the glasses were killing me so i decided to just leave it. i'm pretty happy with the result.

    i love this ron. muchly. with his grown-up version of the bowl cut.

    this hermione is a bit generic looking, i think. but she looks cute with my ron, so she's staying. for now.

    aaaaand then of course had to draw my favorite girls. :)

     i always pictured bellatrix with a massive amount of hair, for some reason. and wearing medieval dresses.

    ginny! :) need i say more?

    luna didn't turn out looking as crazy as i had hoped...maybe another version will come later. airplane boredom on saturday, yes?

    and of course, tonks. :) she turned out pretty well, if i do say so myself.

    i'm hoping to work on fred & george and also trelawney. maybe a few death eaters too. let's see how many faces i can conjure up in a week.

    xoxo julia

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