1. i'm not sure i can blame my lack of posting on business anymore. unless you count shopping and going to movies as busy. but here it is:

    1. water for elephants.

    i went to go see this in the dollar theater for the second time last night (at ten o'clock, no less. with my mother. who didn't fall asleep! miracle!) and it was soooo gooooood. i absolutely adore this movie! even though it's mostly really sad. but reese whitherspoon is gorgeous and robert pattinson is so noncreepy and the whole circus vibe is beautiful and almost dreamlike. plus it has the best ending ever. go see it. now.

    2. jonas brothers.

    more specifically, the jonas brothers of 2008. sarah and i did some jonas creeping the other day and cried. not really. but almost. why? because the boys in the above video grew up, cut their hair off, and grew gross beards. but that was just joe, which is still horribly inconvenient. kevin went and got married (keneille forever!!) and nick not only starred as marius in les miz but is now the spokesperson for quaker oats to find the next "chewy superstar." that's when you've hit it big, baby.
    ps, watch the video. please? *puppy dog face*

    3. glittery nails.

    glitter nail polish is basically the best thing to ever be invented. sarah brought four bottles of glitter with her to utah and i exploited two of them already to make both my fingers and my toes amazingly sparkly and magical. glitter is positively mesmerizing in sunlight. did you know that? now you do.

    4. kneader's french toast.

    holy heaven, this is delicious. it is the thickest french toast ever, complete with caramely syrup, whipped cream, and strawberries that are tasty no matter what time of year you go. it is also 100 times better than mcdonalds breakfast, and 256 times better than the dream i had that i went to mcdonalds for breakfast and they were out of pancakes so they gave me fried bagels instead.

    5. joshua radin.

    i love this guy's music. we put him on our tea party playlist. (yes, tea party. we are having one this week! keep your fingers crossed that i remember to bring my camera. and use it.) he's sort of jack johnson-ish with a soft, smoky voice and sweet acoustic songs. favorite tracks: "vegetable car" and "you got growing up to do."

    xoxo julia

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    1. We had Kneaders French Toast this morning. So so so good.

    2. Sheyanne said...

      I am still shocked on how we live so far away and are so twins.
      Reading Water for elephants right now, IM IN LOVE :)

      I love you & miss you :)

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