1. o holy night.

    Wednesday, December 21

    i'm pretty sure most of my readers already saw this on my facebook page, but...if you're one of the few who didn't, i'm reposting.

    and also re-bragging.

    on monday, my orchestra had the fantastic opportunity to perform with david archuleta at his christmas concert at abravanel hall in salt lake city. which was absolutely amazing in and of itself. but to top it all off, i can say that i was onstage when david announced that he's planning to serve a full-time mission for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.

    i'm so incredibly proud of him. {because i can definitely be proud of someone i don't know. yep.} he has every reason not to go--fame, a career, and {i'm sure} a fortune. but, like he said, he's not doing it because  someone told him he has to. he's going of his own volition, which makes it all the more amazing.

    and which makes him all the more attractive.

    you know what else makes him attractive? {besides his hair and his voice and his face and...} well. here's a story for you.

    we were told that david wanted to come talk to the orchestra before the show, but then his dad told us that he was overbooked and wouldn't have time to see us. our hopes fell as the "ten minutes 'til showtime" announcement buzzed over the intercom. but then david burst into the room, out of breath. he had broken schedule and sprinted upstairs so he could have a few minutes to talk to us. and he thought the best way to use those few minutes was to join us in prayer.

    let's just say, that's the moment i regretted voting for david cook 200+ times.

    then when he announced his decision to go on a mission, i cried a little bit gained a ton of respect for him.

    way to go, archie.

    xoxo julia

    {ps, watch the video! like, seriously. not only will you cry of gladness, but if you listen really closely at 8:35, you can hear my flute solo. :) }


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    1. This is a nice post! You're cool!

    2. I'm glad I saw this post. I swear, my respect for David just never stays at the same level. It keeps skyrocketing. And don't feel bad for voting for Cook, he's a good dude. But yeah, David will be my only exception :)
      Thank you for sharing!

    3. I love this. Wait so did he say the prayer? If so, that is so freakin cute. Where did this guy come from? haha.. I'm glad you had a good experience, I was there that night and the orchestra was amazing. You just became one of my new favorite people. P.S. David Cook's pretty cool too ;)

    4. julia larsen said...

      aubri- he didn't say the prayer, he called on someone else. i think if he did say it, i think there would be a puddle instead of a me after he was done.

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