1. pompoms vs. pearls.

    Sunday, December 4

    i found this oh-so-classy picture of nicki minaj and anna wintour on the front row of a fashion show and was rather...erm...what word should i use here?    shocked?     taken aback?    appalled?    embarrassed?

    who would wear that when sitting right next to anna wintour?!

    {who is, by the way, the ever-so-elegant editor of vogue.}

    {if you didn't know that, you have been unfriended.}

    {just kidding. i still love you. just maybe a teensy bit less.}

    anyway. i'm concerned for nicki. poor girl.

    but my main thought is...

    i'm cuter than she is! why aren't i sitting next to anna wintour??

    {narcissism: diagnosed.}

    what would you wear to meet ms. wintour?

    xoxo julia

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    1. Sheyanne said...

      only the finest!
      it would be a dream come true!
      Meeting Amy Ashtley i almost passed out!

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