1. i want to ride my bicycle.

    Tuesday, December 13

    i've been hoarding this post for a while now and just never got around to posting it. i've {somewhat recently} become obsessed with bikes. {along with mustaches and sequin sweaters. but that's a different story.} they're just so cute and whimsical! especially when there's stuff in the basket. like flowers.

    wanna hear a story about bikes?

    okay. i'm going to tell you anyway.

    when i was ten years old, i had a bike. it was the perfect little girl's bike, complete with white wheels and pink and teal accents. one day, i went to my friend's house for a sleepover. the next morning was our neighborhood garage sale. when i came home from said sleepover, my neighbor told me that my dad had sold my bike. i didn't believe her. turns out, he did. without telling me. for ten dollars.

    i didn't even get the money.

    luckily, i only had to wait seven years until i got a new one.

    xoxo julia


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    1. Kirk said...

      What an evil thoughtless dad you must have.

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