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    Wednesday, June 6

    Above is the greatest graduation present ever.

    {Well, besides my car of course. Who, as you all have suggested, I have christened Luna. :) }

    I pretty much freaked out when I ripped off the paper from the unassumingly rectangular present my aunt and uncle gave me and THIS WAS INSIDE.

    It was like Christmas when I was eight years old.

    Almost as good as the time my brother and I got Lego Hogwarts.


    Nerd for life.

    Thanks, nerdy family. I love you guys.

    xoxo Julia


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    1. Jeff said...

      Back at ya, nerdy girl!

    2. my cousin has been wanting that for the longest time!

    3. I have to show this to my husband! He is just itching for our son to be old enough to play with Legos. My husband LOVED (still loves!) his Legos growing up and we both love LOTR.


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