1. I ran my first 5K.

    Crazy, right?

    I finished in 34 minutes and 13 seconds, and placed fourth in my age group.

    {Though I have a feeling there were only four people in my age group.}


    I've made it a goal to start running more this summer, and to actually get good at it. Hopefully I'll be running more 5K's in the future and shaving a couple minutes off my time.

    xoxo Julia

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    1. Kirk said...

      For the record, there were six people in your age group :-)
      link here

    2. congrats on running your first 5K... And you placed 4th!? You go girl! that's awesome. xo

    3. running 5k's are alot of fun in the summer! good job :)

      just added myself as a follower, can't wait to see more!

      followme@ www.studentswife.com

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