1. Last Day

    Friday, May 25

    Today was my last real day of high school.

    It's so weird to think that my school won't be my school anymore in just a few short days. I've spent so much time there over the past three years and I must admit that parting with it will be pretty darn hard.

    I wore the same outfit today that I wore on the first day of my senior year. (Minus the belt.) Call me sentimental. Or call me too lazy to come up with new outfits these days.

    First Day:

    Last Day:

    I don't think my hair looks so much like Farrah Fawcett's anymore. Which is a good thing?

    xoxo Julia


  2. 2 comments:

    1. Jeff said...

      Noo... I love the Farrah hair. :/

    2. Joshua J said...

      I just love you. The hair is a minor detail.

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