1. beethoven's secrets.

    Thursday, February 9

    above is my {one second} claim to fame. 

    {see minute 2:49.}

    i play with the lyceum philharmonic orchestra, which has given me so many opportunities to play with fabulous brilliant artists {peter brienholt, alex boye, and david archuleta to name a few} and now we have the chance to appear in a music video with the fabulous steven sharp nelson! 

    we got to record our audio at a professional recording studio, which, despite playing the same song for about five hours straight, was one of the most fun things i've ever gotten to do. then of course we filmed our gorgeous faces, which took another seventeen i don't know how many hours. but it was so worth it.

    not to mention that we spent all those hours with steven, who is probably one of the funniest people on this planet. example: 
    {{my director: it's open string, you idiots!
    {{steven: first off, "cello" and "idiot" are antonyms.

    ...yeah, i can't do him justice.

    but anyway.

    my mom and i just watched this video for forty five minutes. which means you are capable of watching it {at least} once. :)

    xoxo julia

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