1. this is halloween!

    Friday, October 21

    i've been compiling a creepy halloween-inspired playlist for the past few days, and this is what i've come up with! it's sort of a mishmash but i'm totally addicted.

    Heads Will Roll ~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Brick By Boring Brick ~ Paramore
    Welcome To The Black Parade ~ My Chemical Romance
    My By Builds Coffins ~ Florence + The Machine
    Jar Of Hearts ~ Christina Perri
    Dead Man's Party ~ Oingo Boingo
    Decode ~ Paramore
    Thriller / Heads Will Roll ~ Glee Cast
    Victor's Piano Solo ~ Corpse Bride Soundtrack
    Thriller ~ Michael Jackson
    Sally's Song ~ Amy Lee
    The Garden ~ Mirah
    Main Titles ~ Corpse Bride Soundtrack
    This Is Halloween ~ Panic! At The Disco
    Girl With One Eye ~ Florence + The Machine
    Disturbia ~ Rihanna
    The Piano Duet ~ Corpse Bride Soundtrack

    favorite tracks: heads will roll, my boy builds coffins, and all the songs from corpse bride.

    i'm getting my creep on.

    xoxo julia

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    1. Kirk said...

      "The Dead are Dancing" by Toni Childs
      "Jackie" by Sinead O'Connor
      and (perhaps) "Oran" by Steve McDonald.

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