1. oh hello, october!

    Saturday, October 1

    as it's officially october, i can officially start preparing for halloween! aka best. holiday. ever.

    now, the ever-present question....

    what should i be??

    i decided this summer that i should be lady gaga. how fun would that costume be to put together? plus i could look absolutely ridiculous and over-the-top and it would make complete sense.


    but then my mommy and i had this conversation:

    me: i think i want to be cinderella for halloween instead of lady gaga.

    mom: hahaha!

    me: what?

    mom: when have i heard that before...right. every year of your life.

    and it's true. i always say i want to be something scary/not a princess. and then the actual date approaches and all thoughts of zombies and witches are replaced by a realization that i could wear a princess dress and people wouldn't give me funny looks. which automatically beats having fake blood dripping from my mouth.

    now, the more important question...

    where the heck am i going to get a cinderella dress in a big girl size??

    xoxo julia

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