1. these boots are made for...

    Thursday, November 17

    i'm on the hunt for some new boots this season! partly because the zipper on one of my boots broke and now it's held together with multiple safety pins. super classy. but also because i want some boots that aren't from justice. big girl boots, if you will.

    anyway, here are some i found while perusing the good ol' internet.

    {from top: free people, gojane, forever21, modcloth.}

    not that i'd actually wear the modcloth ones.

    {that's a lie. i so would. if my mother would let me.}

    xoxo julia


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    1. Unknown said...

      I love your blog!! :D it's so funny and witty and you are so full of fasion sense You are so not nerdy at all your pretty amazing, i mean really how many girls your age have the time and determination to write a blog especially one so cool! I may be one of your few readers but I shouldn't be I really hope your blog becomes more popular :)

    2. julia larsen said...

      thank you so much! your comment made my day. :)

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